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Email newsletters

The main aim of an email newsletter is to keep in touch with your current and potential clients. Building relationships with your customers and keeping in contact is important. Email is a powerful tool not only for building relationships with and getting repeat business from existing customers, but also to fan out towards potential customers through forwarding of your emails to people in your client’s circle of contacts.

An email newsletter is an extremely valuable tool as it:

  • Provides a means for direct communication with your customers and for contacting prospects
  • Facilitates dialogue with and feed-back from your customers
  • Strengthens the relationship with your customers
  • Expands your marketing efforts
  • Increases lead generation and cross-selling
  • Allows for immediate tracking and measuring of your marketing efforts

Black Mouse Design will create a newsletter template inline with your branding and assist with all aspects of your mail out including the tracking of your marketing through the email newsletter process.

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