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Why is marketing so important?

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All businesses need customers. Customers learn about your business though your marketing activities. Without marketing, you may offer the best products or services in your industry, but none of your potential customers will know. The challenge here is to consistently appeal to your customers wants and needs through well organised and executed marketing. Read More


The art of persuasion

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When you start a business, your success depends on your ability to get others to take action. Every day you are negotiating to turn prospects into paying clients and to motivate people to do things for you. Influence and persuasion is not just for leaders. It is an essential skill required to strengthen your path to success. Read More


Vision, mission, goals and objectives – sow the seeds for your successful business

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How do you sum up the purpose of your business? Regardless of your business size or project, how will you know if you are successful and how will you move forward if you don’t have a plan. Writing down a mission, vision, goals and objectives helps you to form the strong foundation of a strategic plan needed to guide your business forward. Start the year off on the right foot by ensuring you know where you are going with a clear and concise vision and mission statement as well as clear goals and objectives. Read More