Are you getting an error connecting to your Apple ID server on your Mac?

By February 20, 2016Tips

Are you having trouble connecting to iCloud? I discovered a problem when trying to install updates from the App Store on my Mac. When I submitted my Apple ID and password, I got an error message saying “There was an error trying to connect to Apple ID Server”. After entering my password three times, I was forced to reset it. After doing this, the same thing was happening so I did a bit of research.

I recently installed Kaspersky on my computer to help guard against internet threats so I searched for possible clashes between an Apple ID and Kaspersky.

Success – here is the fix

Open Kaspersky on your computer and select Preference. In the Protection tab, look for the Web Antivirus section. You will find a setting Check secure connections (HTTPS), and below that, two radio buttons – 1. Always and 2. Only for Parental Control. Check the Parental Control option.


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