What is most important? What are your values?

“Values are like fingerprints.  Nobody’s are the same, but you leave ’em all over everything you do.”
Elvis Presley

Values are beliefs that guide and direct your choices and support your vision. They are the things that you believe are important in the way you live and work. Your values define who you are.

What values are important to you? Below is a list of values to get you thinking about your personal and business values.

1. Accountability

Definition: The quality or state of being accountable. An obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions

Example: We value the ability of our staff and organisation to honour our commitments. We will also take responsibility for our work and make what is wrong right to the greatest extent possible.

We accept our individual and team responsibilities and we meet our commitments. We take responsibility for our performance in all of our decisions and actions.

We embrace a count-on-me mentality; no task is below any of us.

2. Accuracy

Definition: The ability to work or perform without making mistakes

Example: We strive to be accurate in all communications with clients and encourage them to exchange relevant and accurate information.

We ensure that all information conveyed to clients, employers, employees, and the public is accurate, timely, objective, and in appropriate context.

3. Achievement

Definition: Something that has been accomplished, especially by means of skill, ability, hand work  or perseverance:

Example: We set high targets and aim to outperform in everything we do. We set ourselves and those people who work with us, high and stretching targets. We always look to deliver outstanding results. We celebrate success, recognising those people who consistently perform.

4. Adventurousness

Definition: The willingness to undertake things that involve risk or danger

Example: We are not afraid to face challenges and make mistakes, as long as we don’t make the same mistakes again. Courage, adventure, and fun build value for our clients and keep us ahead of our competitors.

5. Ambition

Definition: A strong desire for success, achievement, or distinction

Example: We are ambitious in our goal-setting, and strive continuously to improve. We actively seek challenges and chase business opportunities.

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Think about which values are most important to you and your business. You have the power to choose what is most essential and true to what you prioritise. In the words of Deborah Day (a Canadian film director and writer),

“To feel more fulfilled your actions and activities need to be aligned with what you deem important.”


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