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Who wants to be a millionaire?

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Review of Melbourne Unconvention

I recently attended the Melbourne Unconvention along with 900 other entrepreneurs and business people. Hosted by The Entourage, the day was to be jam packed full of real life stories as well as advice on starting and running a business. I went along with an open mind to listen to the eight hours of keynote speakers as I am always keen to hear inspiring stories and pick up business tips. The host and MC, Richard Bell, promised in his introduction that the day would not involve any selling or sales pitch! Read More


Live your message

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What is your message? What is the purpose of your business and why do you do what you do? What do you feel passionate about? How do you want others to perceive you and your business? How do you deliver your message?

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Organising a successful blog

Organising a successful blog

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Blogging is a powerful strategy for your business that can help establish your reputation, build authority in your industry and connect with your customers. Successful blogging takes work. Make sure you establish goals, clarify your audience and create a plan before you start publishing so your time is not wasted. Read More


Have you been caught out?

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What message are you sending with your business card? What message does it send if you don’t have one?

Technology has streamlined communication and the ability to connect with clients and businesses. I am often asked if business cards are still relevant today or are they becoming a thing of the past. They are still very relevant today and a vital part of doing business so don’t be caught without yours. Although your first contact with clients may be via email or phone, I believe you shouldn’t go anywhere without your cards. A business card is a miniature advertisement of your brand. Anyone who receives one will have a reminder of your business. You may be very well connected with lots of online social media accounts, but if you turn up to a networking event or a meeting with a client or potential investor, you need to have something to leave behind a reminder of you so you can stay connected. Read More