Have you been caught out?

What message are you sending with your business card? What message does it send if you don’t have one?

Technology has streamlined communication and the ability to connect with clients and businesses. I am often asked if business cards are still relevant today or are they becoming a thing of the past. They are still very relevant today and a vital part of doing business so don’t be caught without yours. Although your first contact with clients may be via email or phone, I believe you shouldn’t go anywhere without your cards. A business card is a miniature advertisement of your brand. Anyone who receives one will have a reminder of your business. You may be very well connected with lots of online social media accounts, but if you turn up to a networking event or a meeting with a client or potential investor, you need to have something to leave behind a reminder of you so you can stay connected.

Below are some reasons why it is important to include business cards as part of your marketing plan:

Build your brand

Business cards help establish your brand. Your card should clearly reflect your business in both quality and design.

Create a great first impression

Having cards on hand  portrays a better sense of professionalism. Handing over a physical business card can amplify your first impression and should be part of your introduction. Although it may be just 9 x 5.5cm card, it is a quick and easy way for you to exchange important contact details, leave a lasting reminder of your meeting as well as a message to stay in touch.

Don’t be left out

Many people like to exchange cards and can ask you ‘Have you got a card on you? I’ll email you the details…’ Never go anywhere without a collection of this essential mobile marketing tool. Always be prepared.

Speak everyone’s language

Although technology such as Google+, Skype and Twitter are great, not everyone is communicates via these channels. A card doesn’t rely on any memberships, technology experience or device.

Low cost

A box of business cards can be a low cost printed item. You can equip yourself with this crucial marketing material without spending a fortune especially once you have clearly defined your branding with a colour scheme and logo.

Works for you long after your exchange

A business card can continue to make an impact long after you have exchanged it. It can sit in the receivers wallet or beside their computer for weeks. They might be talking with someone else down the track and pass on your details as a result of the great impression you made. Remember to also send your cards to satisfied clients so they can recommend your products and services.


So even in this age of social media and our ability to connect technically, make sure getting your business card is not forgotten so you will not be as well. Don’t be caught without your business card.


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