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5 Brave Actions to Grow Your Business

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Running your own business is one big scary adventure. You are generally out of your comfort zone with choices and challenges to deal with. It takes creative courage to make both the small and big decisions and leap into the unknown. You have to look at setbacks and failures as part of the learning process. They are testing your commitment, enthusiasm, endurance and how much you want it. Read More


Do you think like an entrepreneur?

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Whether you are an employee or you run your own business, an entrepreneurial mindset means you are drawn to opportunities, innovation and new value creation. Mindset is everything. When it comes to how you approach challenges and opportunities, your mindset determines the world you encounter and the possibilities you see. Read More


Is there a magic formula for success?

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The challenge in business is to find the perfect mix between what you do, the strategies you use and the people you serve to achieve success and ensure your business can continue to operate and grow. What works for some, won’t work for others. There is also a little bit of luck and being in the right place at the right time that can affect the results. Success is what we all aspire to but is doesn’t come easily. However, strategically using a few key ingredients can help to overcome obstacles on your business journey. Read More


Stop wishing. Start doing

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Make your New Year’s Resolutions happen

There is something about a new year that makes setting resolutions almost impossible to resist. A new year represents a fresh start. It is the anticipation of something new, change and growth. A new year brings with it a chance to break from the regular routines of life, allowing you time to pause and reflect on what was good and bad in the year that has past. Read More


Are you a business superhero?

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“The most important weapon in your arsenal will be your ability to adapt.” – Batman

Superheroes are inspirational not only because of their super powers but also because of their character traits that mean they stand firm even through the toughest situations. When all the odds are stacked against them, they never give up. These qualities are the super weapons that  make a real superhero. We all have superhero qualities that make it possible for us to do great things and accomplish our goals. It is easy to loose site of the big picture and forget to use the right tools. Read More