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5 Brave Actions to Grow Your Business

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Running your own business is one big scary adventure. You are generally out of your comfort zone with choices and challenges to deal with. It takes creative courage to make both the small and big decisions and leap into the unknown. You have to look at setbacks and failures as part of the learning process. They are testing your commitment, enthusiasm, endurance and how much you want it. Read More

15 Basic Business Rules

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No circumstances will be the same for any two businesses. The combination of your product or service offering, the area where you attract customers, your skills and experience and what else is happening/popular/available at the time are all contributing factors that help to determine the success of your business. Read More

Art is an adventure

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“Art is an adventure into an unknown world, which can be explored only by those willing to take risks.” Mark Rothko

An adventure is a journey with creative problem solving and critical thinking. While involved in the production of art, you travel a journey, which may be brief or lengthy. You are exploring and discovering while creating and learning far more than you would is you were merely copying. Art encourages originality and self-expression. It comes from within and the process is to be valued over the finished product. Read More