Art is an adventure

By May 14th, 2014Art

“Art is an adventure into an unknown world, which can be explored only by those willing to take risks.” Mark Rothko

An adventure is a journey with creative problem solving and critical thinking. While involved in the production of art, you travel a journey, which may be brief or lengthy. You are exploring and discovering while creating and learning far more than you would is you were merely copying. Art encourages originality and self-expression. It comes from within and the process is to be valued over the finished product.

Art is more than what is happening on the page. It is also about inspiration and innovation. In many ways, art is the first language of the beginning reader and writer. Children usually draw or paint before they write. They use what might look like simple scribbles, squiggly lines, scratchy marks, and blobs to represent something. The connection to writing is clear.

Children, when given the opportunity to discuss art, can be incredibly insightful. When your child brings home their art from school, talk to them about their work in a thoughtful way. You could ask such questions as:

  • How did you make this?
  • What is happening in this picture?
  • Did you learn a new technique?

So clip on your safety belts, check those turbo boosters and blast off on a journey today.

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