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Does your child produce a mountain of artwork? How much should you keep?  Keeping it all would be overwhelming but how do you decide what stays and what goes?  You can easily feel overwhelmed. However, how lucky you are that your child is communicating and developing through their art. Their artistic endeavours are to be celebrated thus sending a clear message of your pride to your child, boosting their self-esteem. But, what do you do with all the art? Here is a suggestion of a method for sorting that might work for you.

Keep favourites

Children may have their own ideas about what is worth saving. Some pieces may be especially meaningful to your child. Perhaps make a note explaining the significance.

Eliminate duplicates

Consider just keeping representative pieces done over the years, which will show how your child’s art has evolved.

Keep the firsts

For example, save samples of first attempts at drawing people, colour mixing, the new puppy, hand prints etc

Save the knock your socks off beautiful art

Every now and then, your child produces a piece that tugs at your heart and one you really love. These are definitely keepers!

Hang on if it is something meaningful

Keep the art that tells the story of a special holiday, occasion, person etc.

The rest

  • Recycle it – wrap gifts in pieces of art
  • Give it – write a letter on the back and send it to friend or relative
  • Display it – make sure there is somewhere for your child to hang their work so it can be seen, appreciated, discussed and enjoyed easily. This temporary display can change as often as required.
  • Photograph it – keep your own photo record of both flat and three-dimensional work by taking photos and scanning their work. Remember to take some photos of your child creating/holding their work to increase your record of their development.
  • Toss it – even though it might be hard to do, it is okay to send some work to the bin. A lot of your child’s art is more for the process of creating than for the result. It is okay to throw some away

These are just guidelines and the decision is personal. Happy sorting!

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