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Below is my welcome speech from Saturday’s launch.

Good afternoon everyone. I am very excited to welcome you to the special launch event of Stella Artworks.

Are your children’s paintings and drawings tucked under the bed or hiding in the back of a cupboard?

Today, I am calling all parents to help their children by fostering creativity, encouraging bravery and risk taking and boosting confidence through art. Stella Artworks are the first step I am taking to assist with this. A Stella Artwork combines numerous painting and drawings into a beautiful collage you will be proud to display on your wall for years to come.

Stella translates as Star in a number of languages as I believe all work that children produce deserves a star, an acknowledgement of their effort. Art takes courage, courage that many people loose as they get older. Yet there is no right or wrong in art, just the opportunity to explore materials and communicate ideas.

I am sure many of you feel guilty at the thought of throwing away any of your children’s masterpieces. These artworks tell stories about moments in the life of your child; the things that are important to them and their developmental milestones.

Displaying your children’s artworks and talking to them about what they have made will help to reinforce your interest in their work. However, if you have pictures fighting for space on the fridge door and a collection gathering around your house, a Stella Artwork from Black Mouse Design will solve this storage problem.

Once you select the artworks you want in your collage, I photograph them, make any touch up necessary to the digital files then combine the images into your chosen collage arrangement. Tatty corners, fold lines and unwanted writing can easily be removed leaving children’s images looking true to the artworks they had created so that when they child looks at the finished piece, they see mini images of their work that they will recognise as their own.

Collages are printed on archival, 260gsm satin photographic paper and are guaranteed to last for years to come, to be viewed and enjoyed every day, marking a special stage in the development of your child and some of the precious moments in your life.

There are so many benefits that come from valuing and encouraging your child’s art. Art is an outlet to express feelings and emotions. It gives the opportunity to make choices and solve problems as well gain fine muscle control and strengthen hand-eye coordination.

I remember when Samuel was four and proudly presented me with some new paintings and an explanation that “This is Dad riding a horse and this is Dad and me eating ice-cream.” Valuing these moments and appreciating children’s creativity assists in strengthening their self-esteem. As parents, we can help our children retain their enjoyment and confidence in art and remember that art is a journey of exploration with materials, techniques and ideas.

Creating artwork should focus more on the discovery rather than the destination. There shouldn’t be restrictive boundaries that make your young child feel their work is not good. As Kandinsky said “There is no must in art because art is free.”

Black Mouse Design is a Graphic Design studio with a diverse portfolio including logo design and corporate identity, business stationery as well as event stationery, websites and photography. I left a career as a secondary school art teacher fourteen years ago to follow my entrepreneurial drive and started a design studio (originally know as Sass Productions).

Stella Artworks is a culmination of my photography, art education and graphic design skills for which I have plans to grow with additional products for families, art education, professional development material and programs

I have a special launch offer just in time for Christmas. If you order a Stella Artwork before 28 November 2013, you will receive a free second copy of your print – a great Christmas gift for grandparents.

I want say a special thanks to my family for their interest in my business and never-ending support. Thank especially to my mum and Bob for your assistance with today.

Thank you to the beautiful artists, Eden, Abbie, Maddi, Bella, Josh, Gabiel, Bridget, Holly and Zoe, Pat and Sam, whose work we are seeing here today. Thank you to Pat, Sam and Harrison for their cooperation and fun on the promotional photo shoot. But my biggest thank you goes to my fabulous husband Paul who has encouraged and supported all my ideas and been extremely patient, kind and helpful.

I also thank you all for being here to celebrate this launch with me today.

Caroline Siassios

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