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A collection of 10 free fonts for 2015

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The primary purpose of type is not just to be readable, but also to convey information that is to be remembered. Surprisingly, readability might not always lead to the best information retention. Whatever font or fonts you choose to get your message out, make sure you choose one that balances readability with personality. Here are a couple of free fonts we think are pretty cool! Read More


Adding a touch of style

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Styling text is a way to help a reader distinguish one bit of text from another. The right choice and use of type can give design impact. There are a number of variables you can alter when styling text for web. These properties can be added to a style sheet or used as an inline style. Font-family is one styling property; Helvetica looks very different from Times New Roman. A word’s colour is another part of its style; red text is easily distinguished from green text. Whether designing web pages or a blog article, bookmark this article for easy access to make styling your next web text easy.  Read More