How do you rate your determination? Take this quiz to see

“The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person’s determination.”
Tommy Lasorda

Business success is created by those who not only correctly spot the opportunity, but then are able to successfully manage it. See a gap in the market, take the risk on your idea, test the market, establish the brand. Do you have the determination to successfully start it, manage it and grow it? Determination pushes you to take on challenges and achieve. It comes from your inner strength and courage and is required to break your conditioned thinking.

You have a set of skills and mindset that acts as your toolkit every time you need to handle situations. Skills are the expertise or talent to do a job or task. Mindset is the manner in which you perceive life and the attitude that you have towards it. Test yourself with the following questions to see how your skills and mindset are helping to foster your determination:

Self advocacy – making sure that your desires and needs are made clear

  • Do you have the courage to express how you feel in constructive ways?
  • Do you gather information about how things get done: what process to follow, the right people to get involved, what pitfalls to avoid?
  • Do you present your work and the work of your team with conviction and purpose?

Self awareness – an understanding of your internal mechanics: your thinking style, your bbehaviours your strengths, and your personality

  • Are you not too afraid to make a wrong decision as you are aware that there can be a lesson learnt?
  • Is your inner-critic voice softer and balanced out by the compassionate observer?
  • Do you understand that happiness is not something to be found but rather cultivated from within?
  • Do you have the courage to let go of situations and relationships that no longer serve you?

Self observation – an act or instance of noticing or perceiving

  • Do you recognise that attitudes and actions have a ripple effect that impacts all those around you?
  • Are you able to identify and deal with your weaknesses?
  • Are you able to observe what you are doing as you are doing it so you can make adjustments and self-corrections?

Independent – not influenced or controlled by others in matters of opinion and conduct

  • Are you able to resist pressures to conform to a majority?
  • Do you have a desire to retain a sense of individuality?
  • Do you have a desire to maintain control?

Goal setting – the process of identifying something that you want to accomplish and establishing measurable goals and timeframes

  • Do you know what you are trying to accomplish today, next week, in 5 years’ time?
  • Do you have realistic and specific goals that stretch you so you have to exert effort to accomplish them?
  • Do your goals help you measure your success?
  • Do you reward yourself when you hit benchmarks?

Problem solving – the process of working through details of a problem to reach a solution

  • Do you have a good process to use when approaching a problem?
  • Do you approach a problem with level headedness and resilience, assessing the situation, and reassessing it if you fail the first time?
  • Do you use analytical skills, creativity and logical thinking to reach a solution?

Decision making – the mental process of selecting a course of action from a set of alternatives

  • Do you have a systematic approach for making decisions?
  • Are you clear on your ultimate objectives when faced with choices, options or opportunities?
  • Do you reflect on decisions you have made to determine if it was the right decision or if another option was better?

The more YES responses you gave to the above questions, the greater your application of skills and mindset to foster a determined approach to your business. Well done!

Determination plays a crucial role in breaking the traditional barriers and boundaries as the word around us is constantly changing and developing. It is one of the keys to success you need to have in your business toolkit and one you can continue to work on improving.

“Desire is the key to motivation, but it’s determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal – a commitment to excellence – that will enable you to attain the success you seek.” Mario Andretti

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