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Don’t be too quick to judge Barbies’ new career as Entrepreneur Barbie. Barbie is always evolving and reflecting trends of each decade. This includes an new career every year and the latest has just been unveiled at this week’s American International Toy Fair in New York. It’s the first time in her 55-year history that Barbie has taken on the role of business owner, where woman are ‘living their dreams their own ways.’ Nicknamed the ‘Chief Inspiration Officer’, the new Barbie comes with a pink dress, a sophisticated hairstyle, black heels and her ‘tools of the trade’: A tablet, smartphone and a laptop case. Barbie Entrepreneur comes in four ethnicities and goes on sale in June.

I grew up without a Barbie. Maybe my mum, like many, thought her an inappropriate toy. Over the last 55 years, many parents have felt that Barbie looks are too perfect and that she would convince their children that being skinny and white was the only way to be happy in life.

Barbie, whose full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts, was created by Ruth Handler when she saw a need in the market that had only baby dolls for children to play with. She realised that as her daughter grew older and began to imitate adult conversations and the world around her, she needed a three-dimensional representation of it as well.

The earliest fashions were indicative of the values and beliefs of the Barbie doll’s initial target market, middle-class America in 1959. Initially she was a teenager that young girls would want to imitate. She was advertised to parents with a story that her life was glamorous and American sporting a tennis dress and ballerina outfit projecting a stable, safe representation of fun and frolic for teenagers, and the football game outfit and wedding dress as wholesome and pure dreams for the future of their daughters. The traditional homemaker designs showed the importance of a healthy, balanced lifestyle; however, Barbie added a vogue look to that traditional role as well.

From when she first hit the shops back in 1959 though to today, Barbie has allowed young girls to believe that women can do anything including being a president, doctor or astronaut. Her resume is extensive! Barbie allows girls to dream big. She is a toy that encourages creativity and fantasy which is to be fostered in todays world of technological toys that beep and entertain. With Barbie, a child can have fabulous adventures that will feed their minds and develop their imaginations.

“The possibilities are endless when you experience the world with Barbie. Big dreams are not sold separately!” @Barbie

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