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GoDaddy officially launched in Australia yesterday with a strong move to educate and assist small businesses to get a presence online. As a satisfied customer, I was there to share the story of my online journey and experience with GoDaddy.

The development in information technology over the past fifteen years has been brilliant. From dial up to high speed broadband, we have come to expect instant information at our fingertips. We live in a world of smart phones, syncing, cloud data storage, social networking and apps. And it is not slowing down. The internet is the space where a business needs to be.

Who am I?

I started my business two years ago with the aim to provide an all in one business model to meet the multiple design needs of small businesses from branding and business identity, to print communication and digital design. I work with clients to plan and deliver a consistent visual message for their business.  Start-ups and small businesses are time poor and on a tight budget but with a bit of strategic planning and the internet, they can stand up proudly next their competition with such things as a website, enewletters and social media. I help to empower start-ups and small businesses to drive growth through the development of business ideas as well as business branding and promotion. This can include designing anything from a new logo and visual identity, printed flyers, business stationery, signage, websites and enewletter templates.


I have been creating websites for about fifteen years. A year ago, I started to seriously wonder about my choice of internet service provide that I had been using for a number of years for hosting, domain registration and email accounts. My website was limited by slow speeds and pages just not loading and the site would be down on average one day every month. I also experienced issues with the renewal of domains that just seemed to get lost in the administration process causing further downtime. This was a serious concern for me, because it meant missing out on potential new business opportunities and an unprofessional image. I also had problems receiving emails and clients were getting emails continuously bouncing back. Again, this was embarrassing and incompetent business communication. But I was on my own when it came to resolving any problems with a lack of on-ground support and slow customer service. I am only a small business. I don’t have a technical team on staff to call on and my previous service provider only had ticketed support which was rarely answered within 24 hours and never over the weekend and there was definitely no option for phone support. I also started to question the lack of options and tools available through the hosting control panel that hadn’t changed in over a decade. So while the world and internet around me was growing a great pace, I was being left behind.

The move

While attending business networking events and workshops and chatting with other small businesses, I realized that there were economical, reliable options that I should consider. One name in particular that kept coming up was GoDaddy.

I then carefully researched a number of options for a new service provider that I could be confident in their ability to keep up with the growing online world while providing me with the ability to present a consistent and professional online identity.

From my first call to GoDaddy’s Customer Support back in August 2014, I received practical and useful information on their services and tools.  I was so impressed by the helpfulness of their hosting support consultants who assisted me in moving my site from my previous provider to GoDaddy. I made contact with one consultant who then kept in touch with me directly by email and phone to help ensure the transition was a success. It was such a relief having someone who was so friendly and caring as well as technically able to guide me though a rocky patch as I made this transition. Thanks to GoDaddy, the process was successfully completed without too much stress.

I then moved my business communication to GoDaddy’s Hosted Exchange Emails. Now on top of reliable emails, the ability to sync across my devices has been an added bonus as it means I can run my business from anywhere with all devices instantly syncing my inbox and sent messages.

The GoDaddy consultants have always been so friendly and patient with me, listening to my questions and offering  advice or suggestions. I was looking into their website security options and as a result, I added SSL and SiteLock to my site with the plan to possibly add ecommerce functionality down the track. In the mean time, this provides a level of security on logins and online forms as well as protection from hackers and malware.  I also purchased additional domain names for brand protection and GoDaddy’s Private Registration.

When my Domain registration came up for renewal through my previous provider, GoDaddy assisted me to set this up properly so I was the owner of the domain unlike my previous provider who hadn’t registered all my details correctly and had listed their business as the point of contact causing a few headaches when I wanted to renew and claim it as rightfully mine.

The results

Thanks to GoDaddy’s Hosted Exchange Emails, I have experience 100% reliable email communication since my move. And their expert customer service consultants have consistently provided around the clock customer service and strong technical support – even at 10pm on a Sunday night! I have access to a control panel with a great selection of tools and options including site statistics and logs on how the site is running.

With GoDaddy, I have been able to expand my knowledge on website design and take a hands on approach in developing my web presence, embracing WordPress and responsive site design. With their extensive collection of online information, their easy to navigate website and my hosting control panel full of options, GoDaddy are now an essential extension of my business. I not only have my own online presence to manage, I also help to give other small businesses a presence on the web as part of my design service. But I can now do all this with confidence due to the reliable service and products from GoDaddy. When recommending GoDaddy as the number#1 domain and website service provider, I refer to GoDaddy’s excellent customer service and their easy to understand products that can work like building blocks to successfully develop and host websites.

The future

Like all things to do with running a business, it important not to get bogged down with the day-to-day busyness but to regularly take a moment to consider if everything is going in the right direction. I am confident that I have taken a big step forward in my online presence by my partnering with GoDaddy. So much so that I am about to take another leap in establishing a new business that will provide entrepreneurial guidance and education via a new domain name I have just registered with GoDaddy –  With confidence in GoDaddy’s services, products and ongoing assistance through my business path, I will continue to recommend them to clients, friends and businesses. I look forward to continuing and developing exciting collaborative projects on the internet.

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