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David Bell - Landscape Photo

Image credit: David Bell

A picture is worth a thousand words

Pictures and photos can connect us to a story. They have the power to evoke an emotional response. Never underestimate the importance of a picture, especially when the intent of the image is to call someone to action. That emotion can be transferred into positive feelings about a product, service or brand.

With photography, depending on how the subject is lit, the image is composed, and the focus, a picture can compel someone to pull out their credit card no matter the price. We often trust photos in a way we don’t trust words. We see it and we often want to believe it. A juicy, fat hamburger, a fashion model’s perfect skin, a beautiful holiday resort.

Keep this in mind when next posting on your social media. Social media provides an easy opportunity to be visual. Grab attention with a good image. I have included some information below to assist with image sizes on Facebook. Remember to bookmark this infographic so it is easy to refer to next time you are posting.


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