6 easy ways to boost productivity and reduce stress

It is easy to get caught up in work during the day and forget to take a break…even just a little break. There seems so much to do and deadlines to meet so you keep working. However, your concentration and health will be better if you make time for breaks. Here are a few activities to break up your work day and help you be more productive and less stressed.

Find a sunny spot

If it is a sunny day, a few minutes outside can be a great change of scene and provide a chance to lift your spirits. Combine this with a snack to recharge your batteries

Guided relaxation

Calm.com offers options for two to twenty minute relaxation sessions through its site and mobile app. Choose to listen to either just relaxing music with birds, ocean waves and other nature sounds or have a narrated guided mediation session with gently moving nature scened such as rain falling on leaves or rippling water play on your screen. Pop on your headphones and chill out for a short moment.

Get organised

Set a timer for two minutes and then spend this time tidying up your desk space. Put away the stack of papers, the extra pens, the empty coffee cup. This clutter could be contributing to the stress. However, this is not a chance to get distracted…once the timer goes off, it is time to get back to work.

Go for a walk

Get away from your desk and get moving. A ten minute walk around the block gets your circulation going. Either listen to some ‘make you happy’ music as you walk or enjoy a moment of peace so your brain can reorganise its thought and the next great idea has a chance to form.

Have a cuppa

Make a cup of tea, coffee or glass of water and take a moment to stop and drink it away from your work. Just remember that too much caffeine causes short-term spikes in your blood pressure so keep an eye on your intake.


Take a moment to concentrate on some deep breaths to help lower your blood pressure and promote a feeling of calm and relaxation. Inhale through your nose for a count of four then exhale through your nose for a count of four. Repeat a few times anytime you sense tension, your mind is racing or you feel distracted.

So, next time you’re feeling stressed or unable to concentrate at your desk, remember to take a break. Even getting up to have a stretch will take you away from your work for a few minutes and do you the world of good.

Do you try to take regular breaks in your day? What do you do to give your brain and body a break?

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