Improving your business one step at a time

Champions know there are no shortcuts to the top. They climb the mountain one step at a time. They have no use for helicopters! – Judi Adler

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Are you not exactly sure how or where to start? It is usually seen and understood that the most difficult of challenges are faced when one is starting a new business. However, that is not the case. Starting up a business is definitely a task that requires a whole lot of courage, but it is also difficult to grow a business. There are many challenges in front of you but these are an essential and on-going part of entrepreneurship. Here are six tips for overcoming obstacles that might trip you up:


Have a goal – what are you trying to achieve?

Whether it is working on your business or in your business, see every task as a goal and create a plan to achieve it. This often involves breaking it down into smaller actionable steps.


  • Keep it simple
  • Write it down – plans are best when they are not just in your head. Write lists and create deadlines in your calendar.
  • Stay organised


Never give up

Persistence is crucial. There are always snags and obstacles along the way. However, if you can be persistent in learning, trying, failing and repeat – you will find you eventually overcome, move forward, and can look back at a path littered with beaten obstacles.


Business is about relationships

It is all about people. Whether it is your customers, employees or suppliers, treat them right and they will generally treat you right too.


Disconnect and recharge

Time away from work can be difficult to do at times in a 24/7, always on, always connected world. Work is not just a place you go, but rather a thing you carry in your pocket. There’s nothing wrong with hard work, but there comes a point when being committed means taking a break in order to keep you at your best.


Find one good thing in every day

Find ways that you “win” every day. Take some time each day to think of good things that have happened to you. It improves your mood, and gets you thinking positively, which in itself can be a step in the right direction.


Comparison is the death of happiness

There will always be people who are faster than you, better than you, richer than you. Don’t compete with them – just find your path and go on it.


So take a breath and build your business one brick at a time, focusing not on the ultimate goal but at the task at hand. Stop looking at tasks as daunting and start considering them as a number of steps. Next time you are faced with what feels like a major road block tell yourself dive right in just get started on the first step.

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