Running a small business means juggling. Some skills and tasks can be outsource but this can be tricky on a tight budget. Thanks to technology, there are some great apps that can help to provide a secret support team to a small business manager so you can have numerous balls in the air and keep your cool! Here are a few of my favourites that support me in my daily operations.


Accounting can’t be avoided but with Freshbooks cloud accounting service, you can easily create quotes and invoices, keep track of expenses and view reports. Log in from your computer or access it from your mobile device as it is all stored online so you can access it from anywhere. You can print or download your information as spreadsheets, link an account to accept credit card payments , track your time to then add to clients’ invoices. This app makes keeping good financial records much easier.


Mailchimp is free email marketing service that has all the feature you need to create an effective email marketing campaign. You can create a sign up page, add and store subscribers contact details securely, connect with social networking and create beautiful emails using existing templates, use the template builder or upload your own HTML file. The support pages are clear and guide you through any problems. Once a campaign has been sent, you can then track and analyse data including number of opens, click throughs etc.

Staying organised

Todoist can be everywhere to keep your list of tasks to be done super organised. It quickly syncs between your iPhone, iPad, desktop, browser, Gmail and more. You can even sync it with your calendar. Create and share projects, assign tasks, add subtasks, get alerts and set due dates. This app is very clean and easy to use.

TimeEdition is great for keeping a detailed record of work hours. It is downloaded to your desktop (Mac or Windows). The simple popup window allows you to start and stop a timer after setting the customer, project and task. There are variable settings for the timer’s auto stop function if you step away from the computer. You can also add or edit the records, create colour labels for customers and add hourly rates.

File storage and document sharing

Using Dropbox’s cloud storage, you can access and edit files where ever you go. You can also share files and folders with others. This is especially handy if your have a file or collection of files that are too large to email.


Crashplan backup up all (or selected) files on your computer to an external storage device. Once installed and setup, it will automatically back up your files as often as your want. These can then be accessed and restored should you ever need to.

What apps help you get your business done? Share in the comments below


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