6 apps to boost your business

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Running a small business means juggling. Some skills and tasks can be outsource but this can be tricky on a tight budget. Thanks to technology, there are some great apps that can help to provide a secret support team to a small business manager so you can have numerous balls in the air and keep your cool! Here are a few of my favourites that support me in my daily operations. Read More


Adding a touch of style

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Styling text is a way to help a reader distinguish one bit of text from another. The right choice and use of type can give design impact. There are a number of variables you can alter when styling text for web. These properties can be added to a style sheet or used as an inline style. Font-family is one styling property; Helvetica looks very different from Times New Roman. A word’s colour is another part of its style; red text is easily distinguished from green text. Whether designing web pages or a blog article, bookmark this article for easy access to make styling your next web text easy.  Read More

How to install new fonts

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Download and add new fonts to your computer by following these few steps

You can easily find and install new fonts on your computer with just a few clicks. There are many free typestyles available online on sites such as Font Squirrel, DaFont, 1001 Free Fonts and FFonts. You can also browse the range of hundreds of Open Source fonts at Google fonts that are free for use for print and web designs. However, don’t get too carried away with your use of fonts. Remember your reader will get frustrated if they can’t read your words. Also read the license carefully. Many free fonts are licensed for personal use only and don’t include commercial use.

If you have never downloaded a font file before, here are the basic steps.

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Are your words working for you?

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You don’t always need images and icons to give a design impact. The right choice and use of type can do the trick! There are many free typefaces available in every style including script, serif and san serif and hand written. Consider type carefully and make your words work for you.

Type is visible language

Typography is the design and use of typefaces as a means of communication. It is the arrangement of pre­fab­ri­cat­ed el­e­ments on a page. These el­e­ments may include images, words, sentences and the space between those el­e­ments. Good typography is measured by how well it reinforces the meaning of the text. Read More