8 great reasons to smile more

How often do you smile in a day? Do you smile when you meet new people? Smiles don’t cost a thing, but they add significant value to everyone involved. Things don’t always go as planned but being pessimistic will take a toll on your mental state. Research has shown that if you smile, your mood actually improves. Here are 8 reasons why smiling is good for you, your health and your business.

1. Smiling makes us attractive to others

Smiling makes you appear more approachable. There is an automatic attraction to people who smile. If you are smiling, you are three times more likely to be remembered than a person who is displaying negative or neutral features.

2. Smiling builds trust

Marketing is every interaction that you have with your customers and prospective customers. Building trust is an absolute must for business success and when you give your customers a warm smile, they are much more likely to trust you. Customers buy from people they know, like and trust, and smiles can help advance this process.

3. Smiling changes your mood

If you try, even when it’s difficult, to smile when you are not feeling good, there is a change it might improve your affect and change the way you are feeling. It releases serotonin, which tricks the body into making you feel happy again.

4. Smiling is contagious

Others will want to be with you. You will be helping others feel good.

5. Smiling relieves stress

Stress does express itself right in our faces. When we smile, it can help us look better, less tired, less worn down.

6. Smiling boosts your immune system

Smiling changes the chemistry in your body. Numerous medical studies have found smiling to lower heart rate, steady breathing and relax the body, which results in a stronger immune system.

7. Smiling lowers blood pressure

When you smile, there is evidence that your blood pressure can decrease.

8. Smiling releases endorphins and serotonin

Research has reported that smiling releases endorphins, which are natural pain relievers, along with serotonin, which is also associated with feel good properties. Endorphins are responsible for making us feel happy, and they also help lower stress levels.


  • Smile every time you think of it
  • Think of something you really like when you smile – it will help make your smile sincere
  • Surrounding yourself with happy, fun loving, optimistic people will bring out your happy side
  • Take a deep breath while you smile. This will help lessen any stress you have and give you a moment to enjoy your smile. A deep breath or two increases the relaxation and mood enhancing power of smiling
  • Find things to smile and laugh about. Once you start consciously looking at all the things that are funny and uplifting, you will be more aware of them
  • Choose to be happy. Yes, it is a matter of choice. When negative thoughts enter your mind, just refuse to look at them, doing your best to substitute them with happy thoughts

A smile is more than an expression. Your smile sets the tone and communicates your state of mind and attitude. We can’t control everything but we can control the attitude we convey. Don’t underestimate the power of a smile.

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