Do a quick brand review

Your brand communicates exactly what a customer will get when making a purchase. How do you want your business to be perceived?

Good branding is:

  1. Establishing a persuasive, simple message
  2. Sticking to it
  3. Continuing to deliver that message time and again

The 7 top C’s for a strong brand

Branding is within everything you do. Successful branding has certain characteristics that we have called the “7 top C’s” test. Grab a cuppa and take five minuets to check if your brand passes the test.


Does your brand clarify who you are?


Do you use your brand consistently? Is your use of elements such as fonts constant? Do your present a consistent colour palette? Is your branding the same across all media – print, web, social media, packaging etc?


Is your branding always visible and available? Strong brands don’t go hiding.


Is your brand accurate. Successful branding is not about creating a false image?


Can your brand be described in one or two sentences?


Is your brand interesting and relevant to your target audience? Are you communicating a message that resonates with your target audience?


Is your brand unique?

The more consistent you are over a period of time, the easier it is to form a lasting impression and gain the trust of your customers. This DIY brand review helps to shed light on the areas that need work.

What do you think

How does your branding perform in this test? What else do you think makes a strong brand?

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