First impressions count

What is the first impression visitors will have when they visit your website? Take 5 minutes to review your site and make sure your not loosing potential customers.

1. Purpose

What do you want your website visitors to do? Is it to register? Make a purchase? Or just simply to encourage them to explore your site and discover what you offer? It is crucial you make it as easy as possible for the user to reach this goal. Have you got a clear call to action? Is it on every page?

2. Appearance

Does your website match your branding? Your logo and business name should be clearly visible. Make sure the website design reflects how you want your business to be perceived. This includes using your brand colours, clear easy to read fonts, choice of photos and graphics that reflect your branding.

3. Simplicity

A website with a simple design allows the visitors to focus on the message. Simplicity is also important with the navigation. Your visitors will be frustrated and leave if they can’t find information easily.

4. Content

A good website has content that is concise, organised and current. Is the text broken into small readable chunks and highlighted using headings and subheadings? Are your business details easy to find?

5. Functionality

The download time of pages might mean your visitors leave before your page loads. It is important you test everything works on your site – check links, videos, downloadable information etc. Another side of functionality is how the  site views across a variety of devices and browsers. Browsershot provides a comprehensive free testing tool that makes screenshots of your web design in different operating systems and browsers. Screenflly shows how your site appears on a variety of devices.


This is a quick check list of what makes a website effective. Remember your website visitors are only a click away from leaving so do your best to make sure your site is successful. Make your first impression count.

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Caroline Siassios

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  • All valid points here Caroline. The aesthetics of a website often gets understated yet it plays a significant role with user experience. No matter how good your content is, if your color scheme or formatting doesn’t resonate with the copy, there is a good chance the visitor will reach for the back button.

    • Caroline Siassios says:

      Thanks Kapil.

      I think the other point to add is to remember your site needs reviewing and updating. Don’t just put it up and forget about it.


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