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The more we share the more we have – Leonard Nimoy

I  love Pinterest as a visual resource and a bookmarking site. However, it is also a great way to share images, ideas and links. When you see a pin on another person’s pinboard that you like, you have five choices. You can follow that person, follow that pinboard, like the pin, comment on the pin, or repin the pin onto one of your own pinboards.

You can use the search tool within Pinterest to find things of interest such as “pink”, or “pretty” or “classroom”. Most of the pins can be followed back to the website where they came from so you can source further information and images.

Pinterest is a great way to  keep a record of ideas you find and want to refer back to later. Just file them under an appropriate pinboard such as “Organisation Ideas” or “Design Inspiration”.

Pinterest has a handy tool that you just drag up to your web browser toolbar for when you are browsing the internet. You then simply click on the Pinterest tool and  select the image/video you want to pin from the page you are browsing.

If you want to share, find and discuss images and videos then you too will find Pinterest a useful tool. If you haven’t already discovered this, have a look around today. Just beware, it is like an endless magazine….you can just keep browsing.

Pinterest structure

An example of a pin

Pins are bookmarks. Whenever you find something on the web that you want to keep, add it to Pinterest. Your new Pin will be there whenever you need it, and will link back to the site it came from.



An example of a pinboard

Boards are where you organise your Pins and you get to decide what they’re all about by creating categories. Set up group boards to share and plan ideas. You can even make a board secret and share it with specific people who follow you on Pinterest.


This is a collection of Pinboards 



Pinterest tips

  • Pinterest is a great place to brainstorm but set a timer! It is easy to get lost in your searching and forget about the time.
  • Don’t limit yourself to the images within Pinterest
  • Frequently edit and organise your boards.
  • Download the ‘Pin it‘ button to pin images from any site
  • Use key words in your descriptions. This helps others find your pins
  • Space out your pins. If you pin a lot at once, you will overwhelm your follows and they will see a flood of your pins in their stream
  • Don’t just pin images from your own site. Pin others images more than your own
  • To find out what has been pinned from your site: (replacing ‘your’)
  • Before you repin, make sure it is not a dud and that it links to a site.
  • You can download Pinterest for your mobile at Google Play and iTunes.
  • Follow people and boards to get their latest Pins delivered to your home feed. You can follow all of someone’s boards or just the ones you like best.
  • Your home feed is where you’ll find all sorts of new and inspiring things to add to your own boards.
  • Remember, images on Pinterest are copyrighted and can not be reused in your posts or website without permission
  • If you get stuck, the Pinterest Help Centre has lots of tips

So if you haven’t discovered Pinterest, have a look around today and start you own collection of images. It is free and there is something to appeal to everyone!

So, are you pinning? Let me know what you get out of Pinterest.

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