The quality of available free fonts has increased dramatically in the last few years. As Jeremiah Shoaf said in his recent article on

“Recently, large companies such as Adobe and Google have been commissioning fonts for open-source projects and releasing them for free on the Web. Professional typeface designers have been getting involved in open source as well, sharing complete font families on Google Fonts.”

Here are a collection of a three great free typefaces we have recently found that you can download and add to your collection.


Alegreya Sans by Juan Pablo del Peral

Alegreya Sans is a san serif family that has a feeling of calligraphy stokes. It is a very versatile family that can be used in large and small sizes, for both print material as well as for a web font. It has loose, even spacing and short serifs.



 download Alegreya Sans


Ostrich Sans by Tyler Finck

Ostrich Sans is a slender, clean typestyle. The entire family is essentially condensed with mathematical corner calculations on the bowls and arcs. It is a great choice for headlines and is available in a range of eight free styles.



 download Ostrich Sans 


Exo by Natanael Gama

Exo is a contemporary geometric san serif typeface with a technological feel. It performs well in small, medium and large sizes and comes in a great range of 9 weights.



 download Exo 


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