What is your elevator pitch?

So, what do you do? Can you tell me in 60 seconds or less? Can you define yourself professionally and present a value proposition? Have you got an elevator pitch? You could have the best product or service in the world, but it doesn’t mean anything if you can’t sell in what you have to offer.

An elevator pitch is an overview of an idea, product, service, project, person, or other solution and is designed to just get a conversation started. It is aptly named because it should be possible to deliver it in the time span of an elevator ride. An good elevator pitch is as essential as a business card.

At its core, an elevator pitch is several things:

  • A communication tool; it is an opportunity for you to articulate your message and connect with someone
  • A sales tool; it will help you raise the money and close the deals
  • A teaching tool; it is an opportunity for you to help your audience understand what you are talking about and why they should care

Tips for an effective elevator pitch

  • Keep it short
  • Make your pitch easy to understand – avoid acronyms and technical jargon
  • Make it compelling – what can you do for them? Focus on their needs, issues and concerns
  • Why are you the man for the job – how are you qualified to see the problem and build a solution?
  • Make sure it sets the scene for a conversation – You could start with a hook, such as ”Just imagine” or “Did you ever think it was possible…”
  • What would you most want the listener to remember about you?
  • Make sure the audience can relate to or understand the problem
  • Engage the lister in conversation by asking qualifier questions
  • Remember your nonverbal cues help deliver an authentic, effective message – look the person in the eye, smile and deliver your message with confidence

Pitch template

Your pitch should clearly answer the following questions:

What do you do?

For example – I make you look good!

Who are you?

For example – I am the Creative Director at Black Mouse Design

Who you do it for? Why do they need you? How are you special?

For example – I work with busy, driven small business owners who want to put their best foot forward in good looking shoes but have to creatively stretch a tight marketing budget.

The goal of a successful elevator pitch is to prompt your recipient to ask you the all-important “tell me more.” Smile when your listener ask, “What do you mean by … ?” or “Does that mean you can help me to … ?” An effective elevator pitch can help you introduce yourself in networking situations. Always be prepared to deliver a clear, concise, consistent pitch. You never know who you will meet and how long you will have to talk to them; so make sure have planned and practiced for when the time comes.

So, what is your pitch? Share in the comments below.


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