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Planning, writing and managing for your website and social media channels is an ongoing task. Consistently adding new material is one way to help ensure online success for your business. You are building an audience. No matter what tool you choose, you need to select something that will set you up for success. A content marketing editorial calendar gives you a framework for being deliberate and intentional about how you are reaching and building trust with your audience. It is a strategic marketing tool.

What is an editorial calendar?

An editorial calendar is more than dates. While establishing publishing dates are essential components of any editorial calendar, that is just one of the elements. An editorial calendar has the potential to strengthen your entire content marketing strategy by ensuring an organised selection of material is posted based around a range of categories, and your branding message and goals are consistently delivered.

An editorial calendar forms part of a system of keeping track of content from concept to development to publishing. You can keep a list of possible ideas, organise your topics and look back to see when your content was published. You will work more efficiently if you have a system in place for managing this side of your business.

What are the benefits?

I have been writing for a few years now and have experimented with a few ways to map out my posts. I am currently using a simple editorial calendar to:

  • Manage the content and how it is published on my website and social media channels
  • Organise content and dates visually so I can see what I have done and what I need to do
  • Ensure consistency with branding, post frequency and message being delivered to the target audience
  • Plan ahead to reduce stress from tight deadlines
  • Have a system to keep track of any ideas so I can publish a range of interesting topics consistently
  • Take control of the content creation process so as to work as efficiently as possible


Check in regularly with your editorial calendar to keep on track with tasks and continually add new post ideas.


Black Mouse Design content marketing editorial calendar template

(free download)


Included in the calendar:

  • A place to keep a list of possible ideas
  • List of post titles/topics
  • Categories
  • Publishing date
  • Keywords
  • Dates for posting on a range of social media channels and email newsletter
  • A weekly schedule with allocated time for activities such as research writing, proofing, publishing and sourcing/creating imagery


Consider converting this free editorial calendar into a Google spreadsheet for easy collaboration.

Over to you…

I would love to hear how you’re using this and get your thoughts on how to improve it. It may not be the perfect fit for your business, but it should provide a decent framework upon which to build upon. Please leave your feedback below.

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